At The Property Boutique we offer our clients and partners the highest standard of service, providing a level of value unprecedented in the industry. As advisors, we equip our clients with the critical tools and means to make the best decisions possible. For example, we ensure that every client has a property history report and a detailed analysis of their prospective home. In addition to these tangible tools, The Property Boutique team’s business and realty acumen help us provide support and guidance to our clients throughout the entire purchasing process.

Services To Sellers

Sphere allows us to use the most innovative panoramic marketing available! The app, which has been downloaded more than 600,000 times, converts phones and tablets into a movable window, allowing potential buyers to view your home from anywhere (sure this sounds creepy, but it really isn’t), which broadens the market of potential buyers.

Floor Plans
Floor plans help buyers see the layout of the space, and has a strong bearing on their decision to view the home. Room flow, layout and sizes are all factors that buyers take into consideration, particularly if they are looking for a family home. Buyers aren’t going to waste their time looking at properties that won’t match their needs.

Interior Design
Our design team has been featured in House and Home, Chatelaine and Martha Stewart Weddings. They love what they do, and they do it well. Our design consultation will establish the best way to showcase your interior to discerning buyers. Their design work will elevate buyers’ interest, and add value.

House Cleaning
We only use Ontario’s best and most detailed cleaning service; They will deep clean your home prior to listing, and will do the same for your new location. This step is effective in terms of ridding your house of hidden dust, bacteria, mould and mildew build-up (ew, right?). The result is increased value… and decreased grossness

Professional Photography
Stunning photography is another proven way to stand out from the crowd. High quality photos will reduce the number of days your property is on the market, and increase the selling price of your home. No. Filter. Necessary.

Moving Day
We have you covered! With our know-how, and planning, moving into your new home will be transformed from a potentially chaotic and vexing trial, to a stress-free experience: we have all of the chill, and we are willing to share.

Video Footage
We interview the residents of your neighbourhood as well as the local business owners so that prospective buyers can catch a glimpse of the charm and character that initially motivated you purchase a property in the area.

Pre-Listing Inspection
This step gives you the opportunity to be proactive. When sellers address issues with their properties before hitting the market, it ultimately helps to reduce the number of days on market. If the property issues are known prior to negotiations, then we can preemptively make repairs. This step eliminates buyers coming back and trying to renegotiate the the initial offer, and is instrumental in getting us the best price possible. Importantly, it also protects you and your family from any potential lawsuits.

Like interior design and photography, landscaping is a key way of showcasing your home in the best possible light. Think of it as a shave and a haircut, but for your house! The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recommends that we invest 10 percent of our home’s value into landscaping. Landscaping is an investment that has the potential to increase the value of your home up to 20%.

When it comes to marketing your home, you will see that the high quality and unique nature of The Property Boutique’s services are bar none. From our first encounter, you will experience the best of both the classic and reliable methods of the past, and the new and dynamic methods that we have created, and perfected over many years. They have been developed through valuable feedback from our client base.

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Selling 101



Timing is everything: at this point we will present market data, and determine the most ideal time to put your property on the market. We will also go over a clear marketing strategy, and outline the necessary strategies to ensure the property is ready to market, and determine the optimal asking price.



This step involves getting the property inspected, photographed, decluttered, and staged, along with many other tasks necessary to ensure your property is being exposed in the best possible light. It’s like a trip to the salon… but for your house.


Go to Market

Now that your home is the prettiest house on the block, we will use both traditional and modern means of advertising to ensure your property is exposed to the highest number of eligible buyers imaginable.


Manage & Qualify Leads

Once your property is listed, it is important to monitor who has come and gone. Our brokerage will schedule appointments, receive feedback, conduct open homes, monitor website views and follow the current market conditions that affect your home in real time. All this information is communicated to you on a timely basis during the listing period.


Offer Process

Fielding offers can be a little overwhelming. But, we are here to support you. It is important to ensure that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to help guide you towards making an informed decision. We will guide you through the terms set out in the offer as well as any conditions, dates or requests made by the Buyer.



We will make sure your documents have been distributed to the appropriate professionals, help ensure you have a list of tasks to complete and help facilitate your move on closing day. Your lawyer will take care of the many complicated and time-consuming legal maneuvers. And that is why you hired pros, my friend!