It’s not exactly breaking news that people like to have access to valid and credible information. After all, most of us won’t even consider streaming a movie until after we have looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes. Considering what is at stake in comparison, Torontonians (and would be Torontonians) would appreciate a little heads’ up when it comes to information about their new homes.
This request is 100% reasonable… so, we have followed suit and delivered a tool that will allow you to look at basic historical data for each neighbourhood. This will give you access to the base statistical data and a more detailed neighbourhood page. Ultimately, this is another way that The Property Boutique provides the support that you need in making one of life’s biggest decisions.
With a little effort on our part, we are now able to provide you with access to heaps of information through our maps and stats. Using data from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), we have collected, compiled and analysed data on important variables that impact when, and where you buy and sell your home. For example, in addition to other data, we can tell you the average amount of days a home sat on the market, and the median listing price in any given neighbourhood within the GTA.
This is an interesting time in the GTA when it comes to accessing real estate data.  Currently, the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) does not make sold data available to the general public. However,  it looks like this will soon change due to a recent Competition Tribunal ruling- as of August 2nd, TREB will have to make selected said data public*– and in our humble opinion, this is long overdue.
At this time, we will make even more data available. To be made aware of any developments on this matter, join the beta program, and opt to be “alerted of changes”, We will also be keeping our blog updated accordingly.